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Why IconBrands™ Products?

IconBrands™ is a full-service advertising agency based in Alberton, Johannesburg South.

We are passionate in providing entrepreneurs and corporates alike with cost effective marketing and advertising solutions that will ensure that you become an icon in your economy.

IconBrands™ has started out as a full service marketing communications agency, while being known as IconomySA Marketing and Communication Services. Although we can still provide you with the very best in broad range marketing, we are focusing our efforts on utilizing the exceptional opportunities provided by internet marketing.

IconBrands™ provide 360° Brand Building Service that will ensure that you achieve your business goals faster with less resources. Our Products Team has got extensive marketing experience that will help you develop your marketing programs to fit your goals, audience & budget.

Promotional products are increasingly becoming a key component of any organization's marketing mix and they can help you to build your brand and achieve your business goals.

Don’t hesitate to visit our branding ideas page for the latest trends in corporate branding and clothing. Please also visit our online shop to get plenty other options to choose from, don’t forget to look at our exclusive priced banners and flags shop.