About Us

IconBrands™ is a full-service 360⁰ Advertising Agency based in Alberton, Johannesburg South.
"We are passionate in providing entrepreneurs and corporates alike with cost effective marketing and advertising solutions that will ensure that you become an icon in your economy."
Our marketing communication services has been born from delivering strategic marketing planning and copywriting, but we have soon realized that our clients required a turnkey solution which involved simple, straightforward solutions .... from a company that has deserved a reputation for commitment to business excellence.
We pride ourselves in understanding the fundamental challenges facing entrepreneurs in small and medium sized enterprises. We believe that this empathy helps us to give a marketing solution that is cost-effective and target driven.
IconBrands™ started out as a full service marketing communications agency, while being known as IconomySA Marketing and Communication Services. Although we can still provide you with the very best in broad range marketing, we are focusing our efforts on utilizing the exceptional opportunities provided by internet marketing.

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